Rental Policy

Everyone shall have equal rights and possibilities to apply for and be awarded an apartment at AB Kristianstadsbyggen. ABK?s Rental Policy and rules follow the rental provisions set out in chapter 12 of the Swedish Land Code (SFS 1970:994) and are intended to promote a fair and well-functioning rental system.

Basic tenancy requirements

Applicants should have an acceptable level of income. ABK always performs a credit check on all new applicants. Applicants who do not fulfil the requirement of an acceptable level of income have the possibility of providing some approved form of security.

Applicants may not have a seriously bad credit rating or level of debt, or other types of negative references related to their potential tenancy. Any debts owed to ABK must be settled in full.

The number of persons intended to inhabit the apartment in question should be reasonable in relation to the apartment’s size and layout.

Applicants must be legally of age in order to be able to sign a rental contract.

Queuing system rules

People wishing to apply for ABK’s apartments should first register for ABK’s queuing system. Everyone who registers will receive one point for each day they are in the queue. Registration is personal, and points earned cannot be transferred to other parties. The length of time spent in the queue is calculated from the time of registration.

Applicants who fail to update their registration at least once every calendar year will be removed from the queuing system and their points will be deleted.

An applicant may be banned from applying for an apartment for a period of six months if the applicant is offered an apartment but fails to provide a decision within the stipulated time.

When an applicant has signed a new rental contract, he/she will be de-registered from the queuing system, and all existing points will be deleted.

A person who signs a new rental contract of their own can only re-register for the queuing system from the first day of the new contract period and will not be able to apply for a new apartment until six months (185 days to be exact) thereafter, provided that he/she fulfils ABK’s basic tenancy requirements.

Changing apartments within ABK

Normally a notice period of three months applies to ABK’s tenants. However, the following exceptions apply to tenants who are changing apartments within ABK:

Tenants with their own rental contract with ABK and who have satisfactorily rented their existing apartment for ten years are subject to a notice period of two months. In the event of satisfactory tenancy for twenty years the notice period is further reduced to one month, and after thirty years of satisfactory tenancy no notice period is applied at all.

Tenants with their own rental contract for a student room or corridor accommodation and who have satisfactorily rented their accommodation for at least six months are subject to a reduced notice period of one month.

Apartment categories

Security apartments are primarily intended for persons over 70 years of age.

Senior apartments are primarily intended for persons over 60 years of age.

Youth apartments are primarily intended for persons under 30 years of age.

Student apartments are only offered to students.

Other rules

When applying for an apartment, if they so wish, employees of ABK will be deemed to have a queue time equivalent to the length of their period of employment with ABK and will be allocated points thereafter.


Exceptions to this Rental Policy may apply in certain circumstances.
For example:

Prioritised allocation of apartments on medical grounds via the Municipal Care Services in Kristianstad.

Apartments with short (or no) time left until possession date (BoDirekt apartments).

Special apartments.

Furthermore, in certain exceptional circumstances, ABK may be forced to approve exceptions to this Policy on management grounds, for example in the event of the evacuation of apartments.

Approved by the Board of ABK, 29 August 2013.

Don’t forget to update your registration!

Don’t forget that it is up to you to correctly update your registration at least once every calendar year, otherwise you will be removed from the queuing system and your existing points will be deleted.
You can update your registration online by logging in (with your Swedish personal ID number and your personal PIN code) via
My Pages (Mina Sidor, in Swedish), or else you are welcome to call us on
044 - 780 32 00.
It is not sufficient to simply visit our website or call us and ask about available apartments.
It is your responsibility to ensure that you update your registration on time and in the correct manner.